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Meet Vanessa

Vanessa is fuelled by her commitment to enhance people's lives through creativity. She uses her artistic expression, imagination, and the lessons she has acquired from being a student of life to build a meaningful, celebratory, and passionate life and to share impactful messages.

Her unconventional path towards building a business, finding purpose, and managing personal obstacles has provided her with the tools, values, and perspective that she strives to share with others.

Vanessa is both self-taught and has been mentored 1:1 by the number one female mindset coach and motiovational speaker, Natasha Graziano. She has also been mentored 1:1 by photographer Jordan Voth and a student of  best-selling author, podcast host, and purpose coach Jay Shetty.

Facts About Vanessa

Ashley, A Line WIthin

Vanessa and I worked together almost every month for an entire year. From the moment i met her, she was professional, creative, flexible and impressively quick. I'll never forget our first shoot together. it's always interesting working with someone for the first time because you don't know each other's style, rhythm or flow. Vanessa was so accommodating to my preferred way of working while offering her creative direction, producing photos that were so beautiful i wanted to work with her again and again. Over the year, she went into deep snow on a cold day with me, scaled the side of a steep hill and flowed with whatever idea i had in mind for new photos. Vanessa Mayberry is talented, driven, creative, fun to work with and I miss her a lot. anyone who has the honour of working with her is so very fortunate. 
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