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Video Services

Video Content is a highly effective tool to market your brand, as it allows the opportunity to showcase your personality, to educate and connect with customers/clients on a more emotional level, allowing them to build a relationship with your brand.

As the digital world has numerous marketing platforms, as well as a variety of specific formats, we offer full customization based on your needs.

Social Media Shorts

Shorts are quick to captivate, being 5-10 seconds in length and ideal for social media sharing. Shorts are to be posted as Reels (specifically for TikTok, Instagram, Youtube Shorts, Pinterest, and various platforms).

  • Five (5) x 5-10 Second Videos

  • Portrait Format (optimal for social media platforms)

Investment: Starting at $1000


Social Media Video

The purpose of Social Media Video's is to showcase a message across the busy platforms and drawing the attention of a viewer who might otherwise scroll past your content. The video is meant to entertain, education, and/or allow your customer/client to feel an emotion. These videos are a minimum of 30 seconds and up to one minute in length.

  • 30 Seconds - 1 Minute

  • Portrait Format (optimal for social media platforms)

Investment: Starting at $2000


Creative Brand Video

We understand the importance of storytelling and use our expertise to create videos that consist of various aesthetic scenes. From conceptualizing the idea, to filming, and post-production, we develop a cinematic film to impact your audience.

  • 1 Minute Video

  • Landscape (Wide) Orientation (ideal for advertising on the web)

Investment: Starting at $4000


Website Suite

We know how engaging video content is, and what a better way to introduce your brand to future clients/customers than to have an interactive video for your website. We offer a Website Video Suite, which consists of individual videos for the Introduction, FAQ (one video per question/answer), Testimonials, and Products/Services. 

  • Three (3) x Website Videos + up to five (5) FAQ videos

  • Landscape (Wide) Orientation (ideal for website)

Investment: Starting at $8000

Get a Custom Quote

We offer customization for specific videos. Please reach out if you have any questions or concepts you'd like to discuss!

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