Brows By G




Creative portrait sessions are my favourite to photograph because its a very intimate session usually involving only the model and myself or a small team including the hair and makeup artists or fashion designers who are collaborating all of their expertise into something magical. In this case, Gianna trusted me to take complete creative control of this session. It was just her and I wandering on location and experimenting with various elements. 
Working with Gianna is a dream. She has amazing confidence and determination that excels her when it comes to pursuing something she is passionate about. I had a fantastic time photographing her. 

Headpiece - Silver Lotus
Dress- Hush
Overalls- Club Monaco
Blouse- Silver Lotus
Shoes- Aldo
Model + Makeup - Brows By G, Giovanna
Photographer- Vanessa Mayberry



Portrait Session

I am so thankful to have met Danielle along with many other girls during my stay at the Washington coast. Danielle is a beautiful mom, talented photographer, farmer/girlboss. 
A bunch of us girls spent our last day at camp running around the beach and in the woods to take some photos of each other (because this is how photographers choose to party). 
Here are some of my favourites of Danielle.