Lindsei + James

I know what you’re thinking. How did the snow fall so perfectly?! How is this even a real couple?!
I am thinking the exact same thing as you; it all is almost too good to be true. Now add the anticipation of taking off on a plane with these two to Los Cabos to capture their wedding day!
Yep, in less than a month I will be in the stunning landscapes of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula, capturing their love. Definitely a polar (ha!) opposite than what their engagement photos are but equally as photogenic!

Carly + Steven


I knew it was going to be a super fun shoot when I didn't need to look at their address to find their home, but rather just follow the pizza man to their door. How much more comfortable can an engagement session be when you're at home wearing sweatpants, chilling with your pup and drinking wine while watching Friends?  Let's try to beat that!
I got so excited when Carly mentioned the idea because she knew exactly what Steve and her would be most comfortable with and she kept it within their element. We ended our session by blasting country music and dancing around in their living room. It was such a fantastic shoot! 


Sabina + Derrik

My first engagement session being full time was with these two! 
We started our session meeting up inside Assiniboine Forest. The wind was chilly, especially being in the middle of the field. Right away I turned on some dance music and got the two to move around and warm up their bodies. I am full of endless, crazy direction so a huge thank you goes out to them for having fun with it! I love my couples!