Lauren + Devan


I met Lauren and Devan for the first time on this hike. We met up in the parking lot and headed into woods to our  destination. Devan could depict which plants were going to be blueberries in the next month and Lauren talked about how great of a cook he is. They brought this beautiful picnic basket with a sandwich for me (which must have been the best sandwich I've ever had; thanks Dev!) 
I was most excited for this session because of the enthusiasm I picked up on messaging Lauren prior. She pointed out she was a huge fan of my work, they let me pick the location and then she stayed in touch about which outfits she was going to wear. She ended up making a gorgeous flower crown for the white, flowing dress she bought. 
These two were so easy to enjoy the night with! Also, if you're ever in need of a graphic designer, Lauren's your girl!


Ashley + Alex


Ashley and Alex are two of the most genuine people I've had the pleasure of becoming friends with. A trip to Toronto was long overdue so when the opportunity came up and they invited me to stay with them, I immediately booked my flight. I stayed with them inside this GORGEOUS studio/loft apartment. We woke up in the mornings and made breakfast together, played some tracks and caught up on life over a cup of tea. Then in the evenings we had made our own candlelit picnics with pizza ordered in, or we went out on the town to some delicious hole in the wall restaurants. They were the real reason I had such a wonderful time in the big city and I can't thank them enough :)