Lane + Chris


The sun spread it's warmth over the venue at Cielo's Garden right before the guys showed up to get ready. The country yard has this quaint, tiny house that was used for the preparation of both parties. The girls arrived shortly after for dressing and I was able to get candids while they settled in.
Lane slipped on her mothers wedding dress for the day. 
Lane and Chris had an epic entrance for their ceremony. There was a long silence followed by the 20th Century Fox drum roll. All of the guests were rolling over with laughter as the entry music proceeded on for a full minute. It was a beautiful transition of emotion from Chris; he burst out in laughter, to the anticipation of seeing Lane... to that moment he broke when he caught sight of his beautiful bride. 

Flowers: Academy Florist
Venue: Cielo's Garden
Groom's Shoes: Johnston & Murphy
Brides Dress: It was her mothers :) 


Sheila + Jesse

Sunshine Wedding

Ashgrove Acres

While the ceremony proceeded to take place at Cielo's Garden, you could hear the tapping of rain hitting the leaves outside.
The yellow bouquets gleamed in the sunlight peeking through the clouds. The two of them kept their spirits high as they were surrounded with family and friends, but more importantly, each other. There were many tears and more laughs. I'm sure by the end of the day everyone went to bed with sore cheeks.