It took me soo long to finally blog this cute little session with my friend Kass! Mostly because I don’t really know where to begin. Kass is such a sweetheart and anyone who has even just met her leaves with a rosy smile on their face like Gabe. I can tell she is even more bubbly and energetic with Gabe around and it was so fun to see that and capture these cute moments between them.


Lindsei + James

I know what you’re thinking. How did the snow fall so perfectly?! How is this even a real couple?!
I am thinking the exact same thing as you; it all is almost too good to be true. Now add the anticipation of taking off on a plane with these two to Los Cabos to capture their wedding day!
Yep, in less than a month I will be in the stunning landscapes of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula, capturing their love. Definitely a polar (ha!) opposite than what their engagement photos are but equally as photogenic!

Kylie + Ryan

Fall had just started to hit the trees in Manitoba, so Kylie, Ryan, their cute Australian Shepherds and Myself took a road trip to the lake! We began the session on top of a large rock overlooking a lake in the Whiteshell. After canoeing in the water and playing with the puppies, we watch the sun set from the dock. It was absolutely gorgeous!

Brigitte + Aaron


This session was crazzyyyy!!!
We started the first portion of our evening with a strenuous sweat bath thanks to the incline of the 2 hour trail! Yes, they are kind of an unreal couple.
Then we took advantage of this beautiful golden hour on one of the craziest peaks!! (This elevation for Manitoba is seriously golden, ponyboy).
I had to stop myself from taking endless shots as we were on a strict time schedule. We knew we didn't want to be hiking back in the dark. This was the case for the most part at least! The hike back was much easier as it involved a downhill hustle, the annoying ringing of my bear bell attached to my camera bag and many trips on the roots that suck out from the ground. Though we didn't get quite out of the woods before dark, we did make it back to the parking lot to enjoy that 24 pack of water awaiting us. 
I will say one thing that picked up the pace on the way back was the jolting of a bat at my face. It happened so fast and it hit my neck on its way down, just enough for me to say "holy sheeeet" and it's a miracle how my legs went from feeling like mush to a marathon runner in a heartbeat!


Yle + Juan


I had the pleasure of meeting Yle and Juan for the first time at Snoqualmie Falls, WA. I was following Yle's brand through Instagram, @cuckoo_b which is also featured in our session. It was so much fun getting to know the two and their experiences since moving to North America. One of the most fashionable and genuine couples I know! Go check out Yle's brand, Cuckoo B!!!


Canmore, AB


I headed out to Canmore, AB for a small trip to shoot an engagement session in the mountains!
Along the way, I stopped in Calgary for a night and ate dinner at a hot spot called Ten Foot Henry. I tried their Ginger Beer and my friend and I shared an assortment of tapas meals off the menu. Sooo Delicious!!!
The next day we continued west until we  hit Canmore and we stopped for breakfast at a very cute bagel shop called Rocky Mountain Bagel Co. 
I then met with the couple and we spent the entire day adventuring and photographing their engagement session! 

The following day I was able to get a good share of hiking and sightseeing in. Starting the morning off with a smaller hike called Tunnel Mountain. Don't underestimate the view of this shorter mountain. Once you catch site of the other side of the mountain, the scenery  is absolutely stunning! 
Afterwards, I made my way from the main streets of Banff to the starting point of Sulphur Mountain's hike (which I did not realize was a strenuous hike uphill all on its own). Not going to lie, my legs were already starting to feel numb, but I had limited time in this region and I know there was much more that I wanted to see. 
Once I arrived at the top of Sulphur Mountain, the view was breathtaking. Soo Worth it!!! You get a skyline view of a variety of mountain tops and a birds eye view of the city of Banff.
Rewarding myself, I sat down in Sky Bistro and had a martini (which I unfortunately can't remember the name of). Either it was the best martini I've ever had or it was a beverage in general after all that hiking; regardless, what a delicious drink to celebrate a successful day! I finished it off by heading to Banff Hot Springs and just soaked the sore legs and took in some additional mountain air before bussing back to the hotel.