Sabina + Derrik

My first engagement session being full time was with these two! 
We started our session meeting up inside Assiniboine Forest. The wind was chilly, especially being in the middle of the field. Right away I turned on some dance music and got the two to move around and warm up their bodies. I am full of endless, crazy direction so a huge thank you goes out to them for having fun with it! I love my couples!


Ashley + Alex


Ashley and Alex are two of the most genuine people I've had the pleasure of becoming friends with. A trip to Toronto was long overdue so when the opportunity came up and they invited me to stay with them, I immediately booked my flight. I stayed with them inside this GORGEOUS studio/loft apartment. We woke up in the mornings and made breakfast together, played some tracks and caught up on life over a cup of tea. Then in the evenings we had made our own candlelit picnics with pizza ordered in, or we went out on the town to some delicious hole in the wall restaurants. They were the real reason I had such a wonderful time in the big city and I can't thank them enough :)


Prep Hair Tulum

Tulum is one of my favourite places on Earth! The beaches are beautiful, the locals are very polite and overall my entire experience here was an "Eat Pray Love" getaway!
My first night included wandering the town with my best friend and checking out some of the stores. We came across Prep Hair Tulum which was opened by the very talented, Winnipeg hair designer, Chelsea. My friend and I ran into her and it turned out she needed a photographer for the following day... so as fate would have it, I got the opportunity to shoot for a collaboration project. 

Hair + Makeup: Prep Hair
Clothing: Rio Tulum
Jewellery: Sunday Feel
Model: Juliah LM

Vintage Home Meets Boho Love Story


Wedding planner, Bryanne (Simply You Wedding & Events) and I arrived on location at 9:30 am Sunday morning.  We each had our vehicles packed full with furniture, equipment, decor, floral arrangements, baked goods, the list goes on! 
There was a gate that blocked us from driving right up to the house so instead we needed to take the trail in. Due to the fact we weren't able to find a sled that would carry things in, we needed to use my large dolly; not the most practical, but still efficient. Trip after trip, lugging heavy pieces like a wooden desk through the snow trails, then boxes of heavy, breakable items by hand... we were sweating! It took us about 1 1/2 hours to bring everything in, which by that point my arms had completely given out on me and I remember sitting in the cabin staring at the packed boxes thinking, "What the heck am I doing?!"
As soon as Bryanne and I started to unwrap all of the vendors boxes, it started to feel overwhelming but in a good way! I've got to say, it is surreal when there's this idea that has been floating in your head for so long and one day it comes to life even better than you imagined! Bryanne started working her decor magic and I began photographing  flat lays of the gorgeous calligraphy suite. It was all super fun from that point on. Roughly 45 minutes later, we were ready for the couple.
Our bride and groom models, Chris and Christa had been getting ready at Pineridge Hollow (which was so kind of them to let us use their space so that our models didn't need to freeze!) Bryanne ran to pick them up and then it was time for us to begin the couple session.
Chris and Christa were the coldest, hottest couple around! It was not an easy session as we had to face the challenge of frostbite and maneuvering boxes from the backgrounds between set-ups. Regardless the two of them were very patient and enthusiastic about all of our ideas. The weather didn't end up affecting the shoot much at all. 
Bryanne and I then continued shooting after the two departed. We spent another hour and so with the details and then celebrated our vision-collaboration over hot chocolate, beet chips and pie.
What an unbelievable day this was. I can't wait to shoot more styled sessions in the future.

Photography: Vanessa Mayberry
Planning, Styling & Coordination: Simply You Wedding & Events
Models: Chris & Christa Plett
Hair & Makeup: Brittany DeB Artistry
Flower Bouquet, Wreath Bouquet, Greenery, Battery Candles: The Floral Fixx
Jewellery: The Boho Boutique
Faux Fur Shawl, Hand Warmer & Dress: Pearl & Birch
Suit & Accessories: EPH Apparel
Vintage Furniture & Decor: The Vintage Nest
Boho Rug, Glasses & Silverware: Bel-Ayre Rentals
Salt & Pepper Shakers, Gold Animals, Brass Candle Holders: Peachy Green Events
Stationary & Calligraphy: Vanessa Penner, VP Calligraphy and Design 
Brass & Silver Candle Holders, Wreaths, Birdies Perch: Something Borrowed
Pies + Cake: Double Take Cakes
Napkins, Candle Holders & Candles: A Touch of Glass



Lane + Chris


The sun spread it's warmth over the venue at Cielo's Garden right before the guys showed up to get ready. The country yard has this quaint, tiny house that was used for the preparation of both parties. The girls arrived shortly after for dressing and I was able to get candids while they settled in.
Lane slipped on her mothers wedding dress for the day. 
Lane and Chris had an epic entrance for their ceremony. There was a long silence followed by the 20th Century Fox drum roll. All of the guests were rolling over with laughter as the entry music proceeded on for a full minute. It was a beautiful transition of emotion from Chris; he burst out in laughter, to the anticipation of seeing Lane... to that moment he broke when he caught sight of his beautiful bride. 

Flowers: Academy Florist
Venue: Cielo's Garden
Groom's Shoes: Johnston & Murphy
Brides Dress: It was her mothers :)