Hey there!

Whatever brought you here, to this point, I imagine it is because you saw my work and you understood it - and I'm super thrilled about that!!!

So before we make freakin MAGIC! I want to be clear about a few things...

Weddings mean more to me than showing up on the day to do a job and get paid. I want you to be as overjoyed about the process as I am! It involves building trust, growing friendships and working together.

If you're looking for someone that will show up with a  camera and take photos of intentionally posed shots and/or will send all of the unedited files your way, maybe theres someone else out there better suited to your style.
If you're looking for a cheap alternative to cover the essentials, you may not understand the value I want to share with you.

If you're not afraid to roar out genuine laughter, run through some fields, let your hair catch onto the wind while watching sunsets and of course, follow my crazy-ass direction, then we will be a perfect fit

You must be okay with me capturing those candid, imperfect moments; the ugly cries and the unintentional laughter. I guarantee you I can capture the mandatory, traditional family photos, but ultimately I want to dig deeper at unleashing the moments that highlight your craze for one another. 

Oookay! So with all of that being said,
If you understand me, please don't be shy cause I'm pretty damn excited to meet you! 


If you don't hear back from me, check your spam/junk folder or email me directly-


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