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  • Vanessa Mayberry

5 Photo/Video Wedding Essentials

A list of five (5) essentials I bring with me to wedding shoots.


Styling products are amazing additions to a photographers kit. Whenever I am working on location and not in my studio, it serves me well to have a portable kit of details I can style with an enhance my detail shots, flat lays, and product photography.

Prospect Studio offers my favourite styling products that I will actually use when I bring with me:


Prospect Studio offers an assortment of styling mats in various colours and textures, and a portable tube to carry the mat on the go. The Luxury Series Mats are double sided, fine linen-like textures and a vegan leather back. These are the ultimate wedding-day enhancer as they are so great to bring to Bride & Grooms getting-ready locations. The double sided mat offers a side to capture flat lay setups for each of their details.

The other line of Prospect Styling Mats that are offered are the Essential Series. These are more durable and have a slight texture. They are available in many colours. The wipeable surface makes for the ideal food photography backdrop, which can be easily taken to location and setup in the restaurant. They are better than typical paper backdrops as they last longer, are easier to clean, and better for carrying around.


Ever have to photograph wedding invitations, and other details but find the shots are just too simple. If you want to spice up a shot with more pretty details, the Prospect Styling Kit is ideal for bringing to locations that don't have much to offer.


If you're regularly capturing details; such as calligraphy/invitation suites, jewelry product, or weddings then this is a wonderful tool to have in your bag! The Prospect Ring Swatch is an assortment of colourful, luxury velvet ring boxes that are meant for styling in photos. Perfect for the photographer on the go, and the studio photographer looking for a pallet to design with.

-Also- makes for a cute bridesmaids gift!


Moving on into the next wedding photography essential, I always have at least two camera bodies with me on a wedding day. This is so important to invest in if you are looking to photograph special events, due to the conflict avoidance. Never do I want to run into issues where my main camera malfunctions, breaks, or is stolen and I don't have a backup to continue my work.


A camera harness has been an essential for me since my second year photographing weddings. I love the flexibility of a harness, as it allows me to carry two camera bodies and lens setups with me at all times. The build of a harness distributes most of the gear weight evenly across my shoulders and back, to avoid unnecessary additional discomfort throughout long photoshoot days. I personally love my Rose Anvil Harness (I have the Bandit Harness).


Shoes are one of your important choices to make for a wedding day. When you calculate how much weight you are carrying around all day by how many hours you are on your feet doing so, the equation equals practicality. I highly suggest breaking in shoes prior to a long work day, and to think comfort before style. As a wedding guest you may not wear flats or runners, but as a guest you also aren't physically drained as you are when you are working. I love sticking with a good sole, plush inserts, and back support.


This last point is a little obvious, however you'd be surprised how easily this is forgotten, or avoided on a wedding shoot day. Remember photographers, and videographers; we must stay hydrated! Try to find a water bottle that clips onto your camera bag or harness, so that you can carry it with you by your side. That concludes this post about five (5) essentials to bring to wedding shoots.


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