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sunkissed skin

sunkissed skin

As a professional photographer and health enthusiast, I value authentic content that aligns with my soul. That's why I'm drawn to your commitment to using clean, organic ingredients that bring out the best in your customers' skin. As a naturally pale redhead with sensitive skin, finding skincare that's in sync with my skin type and provides a natural glow is a top priority.

My focus is to showcase the essence of your products in the breathtaking locations of Costa Rica. I aim to create a visual narrative that highlights the natural textures and unique lighting of these stunning environments, bringing your products to life in a way that truly resonates with your customers. By highlighting the beauty of nature and the benefits of your natural tanning lotion, we can create a powerful message that connects with your audience.


Costa Rica (April 30th - May 6th 2023)

Vision Board

Highlighting natural textures, earthy elements, and feel-good feelings.

Video Inspo

Click the thumbnail image to open video link

& Ask

1 / Deliverables

  • Ten (10) x Edited, High Resolution, Photographs for use by Summer Fridays with digital licensing in perpetuity.

  • Thirty (30) second Cinematic Video (portrait format)

2 / Social Distribution
Including all relevant @mentions and #hashtags posted both on Instagram and TikTok.
Insta: @vanessamayberry, TikTok: @vanessamayberryy
  • One (1) Feature Post on @vanessamayberry

(tiktok: vanessamayberryy)

  • One (1), Thirty (30) second Reel Post 

(tiktok: vanessamayberryy)

  • Story Posts throughout trip

3 / Ask
  • Summer Fridays Skincare for content creation.

  • $1500 CAD for all deliverables edited and packaged for Summer Fridays.

Deliverables Information:


content creator + model

  • TikTok
  • Instagram
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