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Meditation and Mindfulness for any Mind, any Mood, and Goal

We are a collective group of passion-driven creators with like-minded goals of consciously bettering ourselves and inspiring others. Our focus is to showcase a visual narrative of your science-backed meditation and mindfulness tools, by focusing on daily breathe work in the breathe-taking surroundings of Costa Rica.


Costa Rica (April 30th - May 6th 2023)

Vision Board

Highlighting tranquility, and connection to the vibrations of the earth.

Video Concepts

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& Ask

1 / Deliverables

  • Thirty (30) x edited, high resolution photographs for use by Headspace Inc. with digital licensing in perpetuity.

  • One (1) minute cinematic video for social media/website.

  • Five (5) short form videos for social media (10 seconds each)

2 / Social Distribution
Including all relevant @mentions and #hashtags.
3 / Ask
  • Four (4) Annual Memberships to Headspace

  • $5000 USD for all deliverables edited and packaged for Headspace Inc.

Deliverables Information:


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