Let's excel your photography brand, shooting skills, marketing content, or whatever area is you are feeling a lack of motivation in!
Sessions are provided by the hour and are structured specially to each individual. 



This mentorship class is beneficial for any kind of photographer or business owner who wants to revitalize their social media feed, blog posts, wedding galleries... you name it! Flat Lay's are a growing photographic technique that is used for marketing and branding products. It can also be a wonderful creative tool to help tell a story in wedding photography and engaging followers by using it a unique way of sharing personal stories on social media.
You will learn the ropes on specific styling of details, managing content and creating colour palettes to present the best visual representations for your brand + business!


Engaging real emotion from couples has to be one of the most rewarding tools in wedding photography. 
Learn not to pose and instead to direct action and engage genuine reactions from people for beautiful, honest photographs! One's that even you can look back on and feel something.
You will learn hands-on by attending on of my real engagement/couple sessions!




Build your portfolio content by creating a unique styled session from start to finish. 
Learn communication and marketing management, reach out to local vendors, mood board creation and designing, gain content to showcase your photographic style.