Photography is one of those things where you get what you put into it.. If you want to be great you have to chase your dream, and invest in yourself. I've found that as much as reading online tutorials and practicing there is no substitute to learning from someone you look up to and admire.

I have decided to offer mentor sessions for anyone who might want to work with me one on one and further develop your photography skills. We will customize sessions catering to the student so that you can develop a style of your own and be confident when you pick up your camera


Whether you want to take amazing pictures on your next vacation, explore the rockies with your camera or you want to get into the photography business we can create a plan to help you get there. 








Hey friends!

It's Official- I will be hosting a three day, all women's photography retreat in Riding Mountain National Park, May 28-31st! I will be one of the instructors teaching and providing feedback, along with the incredible, Jozanna Theolynn Photography and Kassandra Donaldson Photography. All accommodation and meals will be included during the duration of the workshop. We will be covering everything from communicating with clients, detailed flat lay design, working in various lighting conditions, how to trigger natural emotion and capture it within your photographs, information on "oh so fun" economics for entrepreneurs and direct insight on our editing workflow. There will be several opportunities for hands on shooting with a variety of couples; come hike with us on our adventure sessions and photograph engagements. We will provide you with valueable, personal feedback. Our workshop is collaborating with a team of industry professionals to design three wedding/elopement styled shoots with REAL couples for your chance to gain stunning portfolio content that will showcase your talents to your future clientele. 
You don't need to have ANY experience as a wedding photographer, you don't even need to be interested in the wedding industry. We will accept anyone who is seeking knowledge in photography, branding/content development of any purpose. If you want to have the power at creating your own genuine content to market your lifestyle, product, blog... you name it, then I know we will be able to help you accomplish this. 
That being said, this is not only a workshop for new entrepreneurs either. This is a wide-range, female workshop that offers information at any skill level. 

If you didn't know, I had no education in photography; I am self taught by reading, watching videos and most importantly, hands on experience. We as artists experience a unique learning journey that brings us to the current style we choose for storytelling. There is never going to be an end to the knowledge we absorb, so in no way am I stating that I am an expert in my field.
I just remember what it was like not knowing what resources to trust for information, how to break into the wedding industry, run a reliable business and showcase the work I want. 

I attended my very first workshop last June and it was one of the BEST decisions I made because again, as an artist there isn't a limit to the inspiration we absorb and the knowledge you apply to your business. I highly recommend workshops for anyone who is pretty stubborn about school (like me) or anyone who simply just needs a creative refresh! 

SO if you or anyone you know wants a reason to drink hot chocolate and listen to amazing music by the fire, go hiking while taking photos of beautiful people, create lasting friendships with mutual passion, jump in the lake after an incredibly fun filled day... then what are you waiting for?!    SIGN UP