Noelle Johnson

Alpine Northwest

This photoshoot best portrays the many sensations I experienced during my time on the shore at a beautiful campground on the Olympic Peninsula. The wind through my hair, sunsets over the riptide and the many other moments that made me feel like a mermaid. 
This day was wonderful. I spent the day soaking in sunshine and information from a few of my favourite photographers/#girlboss'. The day continued on with photoshoots of friends I had become so close to in my week out at the Washington Coast. We ended the evening partying within a log cabin by the ocean that had french-windows all around to let in the moonlight in. We danced to some cheesy, preteen-dance throwbacks and drank ciders. Us girls were crazzaaayyyy!
After a bonfire, we decided to call it a night. That was when I saw the moon brighter than I had ever witnessed, reflecting light over the ocean as a ray of light. I didn't want to be anywhere else but right in that moment.
That was my last night at this beautiful camp :)