Vanessa Mayberry
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I'd Love Your Feedback! 

I encourage my clients to send their honest feedback on their personal experience with me. 
Every answer (unless you leave a name) is anonymous. This survey is designed to understand the opinions of my clients in a non intimidating approach, so that I can learn in which areas I need to improve. 


I appreciate your thoughts!

Feedback *
Vanessa responded to my inquiry quickly.
Vanessa was friendly and easy to get along with.
Vanessa made me/us feel comfortable throughout my/our shoot.
When I contacted Vanessa, she explained what her packages/sessions consist of in a way that was easy for me to understand.
Vanessa helped guide me/us through my/our shoot by providing helpful direction.
Products were delivered in a timely manner based on our/my type of shoot.
I was satisfied with the visual appeal of the product.
I was satisfied with the packaging (weddings).
Vanessa exceeded my/our expectations.
I would recommend Vanessa Mayberry Photography to my friends and family.
Please let me know of any suggestions you'd like to add.
This is an optional field where you may write a testimony (may be published to the website if you leave your name).