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Wedding/ Elopement

These sentimental days are captured best around comfortability, trust, and appreciation for the craft. Vanessa prioritizes connection, communication, and understanding throughout the entire wedding planning process, up until the final delivery. Her love for genuine connection allows her to capture authentic moments as they happen. We accept a limited amount of weddings per year, so that every couple we work with has the attention, and energy they deserve. 
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Various Coverage

Destination Packages

Weddings have brought us to the rainforest and desert coasts of Mexico, to the Pitons of St Lucia, beaches of Hawaii, and Joshua Trees of California. We are grateful to have had so many opportunities, and experiences with travelling for all of these sentimental occasions. 

Our experiences have taught us about travel preparation, what to pack, how to plan and research destinations, and ultimately how to capture the adventure to the best ability!

If you are seeking someone who will adventure by your side and capture stunning landscapes along with significant memories, please tell us about your destination wedding/elopement.

Add Ons

In addition to packages, we allow to option to build onto your sessions with these following add-ons:

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