2017 Year In Review


I must say 2017 was like a box of chocolates. I tasted some of my richest moments; camping on the Oregon coast with my favourite photographers like India Earl and Anni Graham, hiking up Olympic National Park and photographing some of the best couples. Solo road tripping out West to the Canadian rockies for an engagement session and then further towards Kelowna to capture content for a charity organization. I got to dip my toes into the ocean, sleep under the brightest night sky, hike through some of the tallest trees I've ever seen and taste the best meals thanks to Noelle Johnson and Braden Torres. 
I have accepted more challenges that come with being a business owner and learned to handle new situations. I've continuously broken the barriers of my comfort zone to seek new levels of creativity. 
Looking back on 2017, I am honestly amazed at how much I was able to do this year and so so thankful for every part of it.

Some of My Favourite Moments...


Firstly, Friends.


I have no shame in being cheesy; making friends from afar has been the best part of my year. The quality of friendship that forms from meeting people when travelling is truly unique. Throw yourself out into the world and it's amazing who you will meet and what you will find.

Secondly, Scenery 


Nothing beats hanging out with a loving couple in a gorgeous location. 2017 has been my chance to travel and take photos abroad. I highly encourage more couples to enjoy my all inclusive travel packages not only for the photos but just the experience you'll get to share with one another and the bond I will be able to form with you is incomparable to any other form of communication!

Thirdly, watching my best friend be proposed to!

I've never heard "Oh my God!" be said so many times in five minutes and have so many different meanings. I got to be part of this BIG surprise that Landon planned for Brittany in the park. It was the perfect proposal, intimate, romantic and a successful surprise. Landon, you did well!


Fourth, witnessing all of the emotion!

I am so blessed to have shared many laughs, tears and sacred moments with people. 

Lastly, the unexpected moments!

The magic is in the unexpected. Here are a few moments I was in the right place and the right time to have been able to capture.